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The daily report is a report made by the field executor which contains a description of the activities carried out in units of days. The following is important information that should be written in the daily project report: Details of the work in progress including the location of the work. Explanation of the weather for the day.

Project reports are specifically made by the field implementer or checked in detail by the field implementer, to avoid differences in field conditions with the reports made.

The project report must be well prepared so that it is easy for the owner to read and understand. In addition, a good project report is proof that the contractor company has good management so that the owner will provide more projects in the future.

In the implementation of a construction project, both public and private, there are several reports that must be prepared and reported on the progress of the work implementation. The reports include daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

What is the HSE Daily Report?

Actually for HSE, all reports are very important. Which has a function to be able to minimize the level of accidents and work safety. Because the definition of HSE is an effort to improve and maintain physical, mental and social health at the highest level for all types of work, prevent occupational health problems, and protect workers from occupational risks.

The role of HSE is very big in a big job, namely to ensure that every worker gets health and safety protection while working, ensuring that every productions source is suitable and safe to use so as to reduce the risk of loss caused by work accidents.


So, all reports are indispensable for HSE. Which aims and functions to protect everything from work safety, health and security.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Report Functions

The following is the function of creating daily, weekly and monthly project reports:

  • Report to the owner the conditions and progress of the project from time to time so that the owner can monitor the work done by the contractor.
  • Become one of the administrative requirements for filing terms to the owner
  • As material for internal evaluation of the implementing contractor regarding the progress that has been achieved every week or every month.
  • Become an important indicator to monitor every activity and cost that is being and has been incurred in accordance with the work item that has been done.

Difference in daily, weekly and monthly reports

HSE Safety
HSE Safety

Each daily, weekly or monthly project report has a different purpose why it needs to be made. The following is a discussion of the three so that you can arrange them well.

1. Daily Report (Daily Report)

The HSE daily report is a report made by the field executor which contains a description of the activities carried out in units of days.

The following is important information that should be written in the daily project report:

  • Details of the work in progress including the location of the job.
  • Description of the weather for the day.
  • Number and type of tools used (heavy equipment, support tools, and tools)
  • Construction materials used
  • Signatures from the executor and supervisory consultant.
    The available report format is filled in handwritten, not typed.
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2. Weekly Report (Weekly Report)

The weekly report is a report that contains the progress or weight reporting of work (realization of work) on a weekly basis. The following is the contents of the weekly report:

  • The volume of the RAB and the weight of each work item
  • The cumulative volume of progress completed in the previous week, this week and the total (in percent)
    Weight in percent of each work item (last week, this week and total)
  • What obstacles are experienced in carrying out the work.
3. Monthly Report

Monthly report is a project report containing progress reporting or work weight (work realization) on a Monthly basis. The most complete type of project report is a monthly report because it consists of several important information summarized in one book. The following is the contents of the monthly report on the project:

  • The completed volume
  • End of month progress report
  • List of staff on the project
  • List of tools and quantities used.
  • Photograph of work documentation
  • Constraints during work implementation

Why do you need to make a monthly report, whereas a weekly report is sufficient to show the details of the weighted index value of the realization? The reason is, because every work project report has its own purpose and function.

The HSE weekly report is made with a more detailed index value which serves as a monitoring format for all elements involved in the construction project. So that contractors and owners can see a deviation that is an obstacle or obstacle in carrying out work

Meanwhile, the HSE Monthly Report has a function to report each job progress index globally with monthly details, which is used as the basic material in calculating the achievement of work realization against costs. So that the Contractor draws a progress term using the Monthly Work Realization or based on the Monthly Work Progress Report.


And here is an example of the HSE daily report below. Which can be a good reference for you as the authority to be able to carry out what is your responsibility for the creation of the desired work security and safety.

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