Scissor Lift Makes Work Closer And Easier

Maybe you’ve seen a work tool with a strange shape? The shape resembles an elevator but is portable, it can be moved from one place to another. This was indeed created to facilitate mobile work, meaning not only working at one work point, but still in one place, it’s just that the work moves around. Especially for this type of work at height.
To place an item or material at a very high place, you cannot use a ladder that has a limited reach. Therefore, you need a tool that has a fairly high range. In order to be able to put the goods or materials. This tool is known as a scissor lift.

What is a Scissor Lift?

Scissor lift is a tool for lifting weights with a working mechanism using hydraulic power. It has almost the same function as other types of auxiliary ladders, namely to reach heights that are difficult to reach manually. The shape of the lifting arm or lift of the scissor lift is like a scissor which if the platform is raised will be in the form of an “X” which functions to raise the lift, and the scissor lift can only go up or down vertically, so it is able to lift significant loads safely and efficiently.

What you need to know again, the scissor lift is also a heavy equipment that is equipped with a Hydraulic Pump and also a Battery to operate. Generally, those who use this tool are companies in the field of building projects or to clean high-rise buildings. In order to make it easier for project workers when reaching high places.

Scissor Lift function

As the name implies, this is like a ladder for moving goods that is operated manually or semi-electrically. This tool has a very important role in the industrial sector as a tool for moving and preparing goods. Lifting Scissors are work tools for moving goods or jobs that cannot be reached by humans at a certain height.

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The use of this tool on a daily basis both in industry and housing includes, as a support for installing lights, painting high walls, cleaning the glass of high-rise buildings, and of course transporting materials up for other work. The process of installing lights on the highway usually also uses this kind of electric ladder.

How Does a Scissor Lift Work?

This portable ladder-like tool has a way or a hydraulic working system to be able to move from one place to another, of course accompanied by a kind of wheeled box at the bottom as the foundation. Meanwhile, the movement of the stairs rising and stopping at a certain height point uses electrical energy from the battery.

When turned on the folded ladder will stretch and begin to climb, with the weight on top of the board. The height varies depending on the type and capacity of the lifting scissors.

Types of scissor lifts

Scissor Lift is a lifting tool that functions to reach heights that are difficult to reach manually with a machine working mechanism whose platform poles are scissor-shaped. Then, what are the types of scissor lifts that are most often used in the world of construction? Check out the following explanation.

Types of scissor lifts based on their function

Scissor Lift Hand Pallets

This type of scissor lift is a combination of a scissor lift and a manual hand pallet, so it is called a hand pallet scissor. This scissor lift is applied to hand pallets with the aim that hand pallets can reach a higher height than hand pallets in general.

If a hand pallet in general can lift objects up to a height of 20 cm, the scissor hand pallet can lift loads up to a height of 80 cm.

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Scissor Lift Tables

Scissor lift table is a platform in the form of a table that uses a hydraulic system with scissor-shaped poles to reach a certain height. The lift table is equipped with 4 wheels that make it easier for you to move things.

In general, the Scissor Lift Table is often used by people to help ease their work for the process of moving goods so that they can be arranged and placed in a high place, this is done because usually the process of moving goods like this still uses human power. Scissor Lift Table has a very important role in the industrial world.

As we know, the industrial world currently has various kinds of equipment that are often used for the process of transporting goods. Scissor Lift Table is a tool used to do work that cannot be done or reached by humans. Usually the use of this tool for project work, ceiling installation, for work on tall buildings, glass, the process of installing lights on highways, for painting at heights, and other work. The operation of this modern tool uses a resource in the form of a battery and uses a hydraulic pump. Currently, there are many companies that sell scissor lift tables and produce them.

The Scissor Lift Table itself can be said to be a table for lifting heavy loads. The function of this modern transportation tool is almost the same as other transportation tools, namely the Hand Trolley or Hand Stacker. The shape of the Scissor Lift Table itself is almost similar to the Hand Trolley where the shape of the table is flat.

This tool serves to lift goods or loads at a certain height that is difficult to reach. Industrial companies will certainly really need this one tool, especially the need for this tool which can be used as a means of transporting goods from the floor to areas that have high levels that are difficult for humans to reach. With the presence of this modern tool, automatically all work to be carried out by operators becomes lighter and quickly completed.


This tool is capable of lifting objects up to a capacity of 250 kg to 1,000 kg. By using a scissor model pole, this tool can reach up to a height of 2 meters.

Scissor Lift Work Platforms

The scissor lift work platform is the most familiar type of scissor lift on the market. This scissor lift is in the form of a platform with a width of approximately 1×2 meters. This platform will be used as the operator’s foothold. With such a wide footing it will make it easier for the operator to be able to complete the job. This scissor lift is capable of lifting 2 operators at the same time.

This scissor lift uses a sturdy scissor-shaped pole with a capacity of up to 250 kg. To be able to go up, this scissor lift uses a hydraulic system.

Types of scissor lifts based on their operation

Manual scissor lifts

This type of heavy equipment is operated manually, by pumping it. Which, pumping using hydraulic. Especially when lifting loads or materials that are at a height of up to 2 meters.

Electric Scissor Lift

For this type, this is the latest development of the type that uses manuals, where this type of tool is equipped with more modern power using a hydraulic system in operation and is carried out fully electric. The capacity itself starts from 500 kg to 4 tons with a lifting capacity from 86 cm to 1.4 meters in height.

Thus a detailed and extensive explanation of the scissor lift. It is hoped that by knowing how this tool functions and how it works, you will be more careful in using it and always be safe when doing it. And below are daily inspections for scissor lifts that you can do.

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