Scissor Lift Daily Inspection Checklist Form

Manual ladders are functionally useful as a means of facilitating human work at height. Where on manual ladders there are no safety standards for users in doing work at heights, for example the process of reaching heights in places that are difficult to reach or doing work with supporting tools.

Where the ideal ladder is a ladder that when climbed does not feel difficult, afraid and safe. In principle, anyone who uses a ladder, they must feel safe and comfortable because they are at a height. To provide a sense of security and comfort when using a ladder, there are several factors that need to be considered when planning it, including the height and size of the steps (footing), the slope of the stairs, banisters, and the selection of materials that are strong and sturdy and lightweight, so they can be carried. -carry or can be moved to be used anywhere.

Scissor Lift is a lifting device with a working mechanism using hydraulic power. It has almost the same function as other types of auxiliary ladders, namely to reach heights that are difficult to reach manually. However, what makes this tool special is that it has a wider platform size so that it can lift 1-2 operators at once.

The platform can be operated up and down vertically powered by hydraulics with a security system that allows each operator to easily complete all their activities above the height without worrying about danger. There are many advantages of this scissor ladder compared to other ladders, including:

  • Prices are relatively cheaper and economical.
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications related to height access.
  • a wide platform so that we work safely when carrying objects.
  • Has four wheels that can be used to go to a place directly to determine the desired position and has a lock on the wheel.
  • Simple design used anywhere.
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The function of the scissor lift is as follows:

  • Help reach something high.
  • Helps high work with carrying loads.
  • This tool is capable of transporting 1-2 people above.
  • Helping in indoor work such as: repairing air conditioners, ceilings, etc.
  • Assist in maintenance and repair of heavy equipment because heavy equipment has a height that is difficult for humans to reach.

The following is a daily inspection for scissor lifts that you can use for daily checks before carrying out work activities using the tool.

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