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Safety Harness

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A safety harness is a device that is shaped like a series of ropes with certain patterns. Safety harnesses also have different types of components that have different functions and uses. Safety harness is one of the recommended safety devices for use for workers at heights.

As you can see, a safety harness is a safety device specifically created to avoid minor or fatal injuries at the time of an accident or fall. The tools attached to the use of this tool function not only to hold but to protect the position of the body when it falls so that it does not suffer injury and result in death.

7 important component functions in a safety harness

The functions of the components contained in the safety harness for workers above the height such as rock climbers are as follows:

Safety Harness and lanyard

Safety Belt

Basically, this function is the same as a full body harness, but there is a slight difference, namely the safety belt only protects against injuries only to the waist and the lanyard associated with the anchor. Use of this tool must be ensured because it is to minimize any injury to the user’s spine.

Full Body Harness

This tool is a safety device that can prevent user injury from the fatal risk of falling from a height. It is said to be a full body harness because this tool is designed to protect all important parts of the user, namely the hips, chest, thighs and the user’s entire body.

Shock Absorver

Another term for this tool is known or called a fall arrest device with the function of holding the user’s body when falling from a height, preventing damage, and reducing the force of pressure on the anchor.

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Lanyard Components

A lanyard is a useful tool to withstand a hard shock during a fall. The maximum length of this lanyard is usually limited to 1.2 meters.

Anchor or Anchor Point

This tool is usually able to withstand or protect the user’s body weight up to about 363 kg. While the holding function has a resistance of up to 2.5 tons.

Rope Grab or Fall Arrestor

This component functions to systematically activate the gripping function of the life line when the user falls suddenly. This component also works flexibly following user movements.

Lifeline components

This component has a function as a safety rope made of wire and fiber which is very flexible. The durability of this tool is around 2.75 tons.

The following is a form of inspection form for safety harness which you should understand first.

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