Safety for Overhead Crane Operation and Work Permit Issued

The mandatory requirement as a crane lift operator is to hold a special work permit. Apply for a “lifting safety certificate” for lifting objects that weigh more than 10 tons. Meanwhile, for lifting heavy objects over 40t or major civil engineering structures, a lifting construction scheme should be developed. The lift construction program must be approved by the department responsible for the construction and technical security sector and obtain approval from the competent director or chief engineer.

Prior to the lifting operation, he must establish a safety warning sign at the lift and let someone detain, non-construction personnel are prohibited from entering. And there must also be sufficient lighting at night. This will stop operation in case of heavy snow, heavy rain, fog and high winds level 6 winds.

Lifting workers, especially cranes must wear personal protective equipment according to standards, these tools must comply with safety and security for crane operation work.

The crane operation in lifting loads must be within a predetermined load. So that there is no such thing as an overhead crane operation. Counting before using Spreader and Rigging. When lifting a heavy object close to or reaching the rated lifting capacity, the user should check the brakes, first try with a low height and a short lift, and then smoothly lift up.

The following is the overhead crane operation permit form that you should know as a reference for working permit knowledge about all of this in order to run with safety and health prioritizing.

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