Rough Terrain Crane is a crane specifically designed to operate in narrow places with a capacity of 12-80 tonnes, for off-road and difficult terrain. Rough terrain cranes are used for pick and carry operations such as bridge construction and large construction projects where high maneuverability and lifting capacity are required. Rough terrain cranes are divided into 2 parts, namely the upper part structure and the under part structure.

The rough terrain crane unit is used commonly in construction projects, such as building a bridge for a medium to large project.

One of the main features of the rough terrain crane unit is the use of sophisticated steel and embedding mechanisms. In addition, there is also the embedding of a six-speed power transfer transmission that allows this crane to move quickly.

Rough Terrain Crane is one unit of heavy equipment used to lift and move a component. In high working time, the components on the Rough Terrain Crane can be damaged and can cause a malfunction of the unit. One of them is the transmission system component.

Rough Terrain Crane

The transmission system functions to continue the flow of power to the final drive. To find out the causes of damage to several components of the transmission system, research and data collection were carried out. The data comes from the literature, research on damage to the transmission system and interviews with the mechanics concerned. After conducting a damage analysis, it was found that there was damage to several components such as the sun gear, planetary gear, shaft, etc. This can cause a malfunction and disruption of the transmission system.


After the data collection process, inspection, troubleshooting and maintenance are carried out. It is known that there are scratches on the inner parts components caused by oil leaks and contamination. This can cause corrosion and if it rubs against other components it can cause damage. To prevent malfunctions in the future, periodic and thorough maintenance is carried out.

The following is a daily inspection checklist for rough terrain cranes for you to carry out inspections according to what you want.

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