In an engine-generator set, this engine is the prime mover, distinct from a generator. Which is a main propulsion engine and a diesel-electric generator set are sometimes combined as a detachable unit called a “power unit“. Although the mechanical force between the engine and generator is large, there is no force other than weight from the power unit group to the chassis of the locomotive. This allows the group to be mounted on lightweight anti-vibration mounts, such as a three-point suspension.


The above understanding is the beginning of the acquisition of prime movers as heavy vehicles which have the main function of being a driving force. Goods or tools transported by prime movers are usually heavy goods, tools or materials, which cannot be carried manually by human labor.

Prime movers at a glance are like ordinary trucks. But also like a flatbed truck but shorter. The advantage for prime movers is that they have more power than ordinary trucks.

The following is a pre-mob inspection for prime movers to make it easier for you to check this vehicle before use to make it safer.

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