Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) Checklist Free Template

Occupational safety and health practices can employ hazard controls and interventions to reduce workplace hazards, which threaten the safety and quality of life of workers. The hazard control hierarchy provides a policy framework that ranks hazard control types in terms of absolute risk reduction. At the top of the hierarchy are elimination and substitution, which eliminate harm completely or replace harm with safer alternatives.


If elimination or substitution measures cannot be implemented, engineeering controls and administrative controls, which seek to design safer mechanisms and practice safer human behavior, are implemented. Personal protective equipment ranks last in the hierarchy of controls, as workers are regularly exposed to hazards, with protective barriers.

The hierarchy of control is important in recognizing that, although personal protective equipment has extraordinary uses, it is not a desirable control mechanism when it comes to worker safety. (Source:


Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a tool that has the function of isolating part or all of the body to protect a person from potential hazards in the workplace. PPE has an important role for the smooth running of the work process. Also, avoid accidents or calamities that can harm the parties concerned.

In general, the safety program carried out in a company can be classified into two major parts, namely the safety management system (safety) and the operational technical program. Meanwhile, the definition of PPE in the HSE regulation is all equipment that protects workers during work including clothes that must be worn while working, helmet, gloves, eye protection, reflective clothing, shoes, hearing protection and breathing protection (mask).

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And here’s a quick look at the personal protective equipment checklist that you might really need.

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