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Metal is indeed a durable material for the world of large construction. However, the use of metal for a long time will still cause corrosion to the metal. Corrosion is a very popular thing that occurs in metal, due to this corrosion, many items are damaged and are not suitable for use.

Sometimes we hear that there are many accidents that have resulted in tens or hundreds of people dying due to the sinking of the ship. All of it is none other than due to ship leaks caused by the corrosion process.

In the world of pipes, corrosion is also very much feared, because due to this corrosion, there are many leaks of gas pipes or something else. To overcome this, the steel pipe coating process is carried out.

Painting is an important coating process

Since time immemorial paint has been known, even paint is often found in everyday life. The painting process is a form of coating an object where the coating material used usually has a certain color. In general, painting is often used for the final work of metal, wood, plastic, and other products.

Painting process
Pipe Painting process

Painting is a coating process or coating of a material that serves to protect the object from the rust process. On this occasion, we will describe how the international standard painting process with epoxy material is applied to steel pipes.

Painting aims to protect the surface of the material being painted, especially on metal materials. This protection is to prevent corrosion due to the influence of the weather or environment, so that it can extend the life of the metal from corrosion.

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The following is a painting inspection checklist that you really need to do before you do the coating process. So that the process is more precise and in accordance with what you want.

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