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Overhead Gantry Crane

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A gantry crane is a hoist crane that has four wheeled legs and moves on rails. The two legs of the gantry crane are connected to a beam and at the bottom are wheels. Gantry crane is a crane hoist that can be used indoors or outdoors. So it is quite profitable for industrial entrepreneurs who want to

Use this type of hoist crane

The operation of the gantry crane is carried out using a remote control by the operator. This crane has several movements. This time we will discuss in full about what a gantry crane is, types, functions and how a gantry crane works.

The main function of the Gantry Crane

This type of hoist crane is one that is quite widely used. The function of the gantry crane is to lift the load from one point to another. The lifted load is attached to the hook in the hoist machine. Then the leg of the gantry crane will move over the rail. After moving, you can also lower the load carried by the gantry crane.

Not only in building construction, gantry cranes are also used at ports for loading and unloading containers, placing containers and so on.

Types of gantry cranes

The gantry crane hoist consists of 2 types, namely the gantry crane itself and the semi-gantry crane. For an explanation of the gantry crane we have previously described. As for semi gantry cranes, it is not much different from gantry cranes.

Semi Gantry Crane
Semi Gantry Crane

Both of them have similarities in function but there are differences that you can see at a glance, namely the legs. Is a type of gantry crane which only has 2 leg. Unlike the gantry, the semi gantry has 2 wheeled legs and the other side is attached to the wall parallel to the girder.

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An essential part of a gantry crane


The girder is the supporting part of the hoist machine on the gantry crane. The girder consists of two parallel beams and has a space in the middle. The empty space on the girder will be used as a place to put the hoist.


A hoist is a machine tool equipped with a hook to lift loads. The hoist can move horizontally left or right by control on the remote by the operator.

The hook section of the hoist crane can move vertically, raising or lowering the hook. That way, the load will be easier to lift and more directed.

Gantry Crane Legs

A gantry crane has 4 supports which are connected to a beam. Under the beam are wheels that move on the rails so that the gantry crane can move forward or backward.

Control Room

The control cabin is where the gantry crane operates, which is controlled by the crane operator. In the control room, there is a button that can move the hoist crane at the top to lift and lower loads. Meanwhile, to move the gantry crane wheel, there is a remote control beside the crane leg. However, not a few gantry crane products put the wheel control in the control room.

What is an overhead gantry crane? We recommend that you refer to the inspection checklist below which is specific to overhead gantry cranes. You can open it directly or print directly on paper.

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