lever block

The lever block is a super powerful hoist with ratchet wheels which is also known as the “Ratchet Lever Hoist“. The lever block tool can also be interpreted as a portable lifting device that is easy to operate with the strength of a human hand. And most of these tools are used for the manufacturing, mining, agriculture, construction and shipping industries such as, making docks and ship docks. And it is also commonly used for large and large-scale warehousing of goods.

How does this tool work?

Actually, the basic function of a lever block is almost similar to a chain block, but this tool is more concise and flexible to use, seen from its use. And the main function of this lever block is as a tool in the installation process of goods and is also very suitable for lifting and lowering very heavy items.

lever block hook

There are several hooks in a Lever block that are the key to this tool. Which is located at the end of the chain or cable to be attached to the load and which is located on the hood to be attached to a support that can accommodate the weight of the load. Just like the Chain Block, the Lever Block also has a SWL (Safety Work Limit) load capacity which is clearly written on the hood. Always make sure the weight of the load you want to lift before lifting or pulling.

And here’s the checklist inspection form for liver block that you might really need right now.

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