Knuckle Boom Daily Inspection Checklist Form

knuckle Boom Crane is a kind of crane that is usually used in construction. It is so named because it has a joint in its outburst that resembles the knuckle on a human finger. The joints in a crane’s boom knuckle allow it to lift loads that would normally be too heavy for a crane of that size to lift.

This type of crane is usually used by construction crews and other utility workers, configured as a service truck crane, because it is highly mobile and versatile. Knuckle Boom Cranes can be taken anywhere. So the ability to have Knuckle Boom Cranes mounted to a large truck like that really makes this a valuable tool.

One type of crane, which is usually mounted on a vehicle such as a truck so that it can move more and more efficiently. What’s special about this type is that the crane part still rotates according to its axis, while the boom part can be extended with hydraulics to be able to carry loads more efficiently. Because of this, of course, this type of machine can lift objects to a high enough level and can be used flexibly.

Knuckle Boom crane

As is well known, this type of crane is often attached to a special truck that is intended to transport heavy goods. Because of its placement on the truck, of course this crane can be used to move from place to place quite quickly even though the distance is very long. Its use will certainly feel very flexible and the need to move items will be completed more quickly.


There are more advantages to this type of crane, the use of this type of crane also allows you to work more flexibly and comfortably. This is because part of the boom or arm of this heavy lifting machine uses a telescopic type, or a type that can be used to extend or shorten the arm more easily. This of course makes the job even easier because it can be adjusted according to the needs of its users.

And the following is a daily inspection checklist for Knuckle Boom cranes that you can use as a reference for inspection according to the procedure.

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