Job Safety Analysis Steel Structure Check Point

All types of work do contain risks, but this one job is very risky because it requires very long stages. Steel structure work requires a long and long process. It depends on the type of work to be done.

Some things that must be considered in steel structure work are: All work on the procurement of steel construction parts, such as plates, profiles, bolts, anchors and welding must be properly prepared. Furthermore, all the work of making steel construction parts, such as welding joints, both angle and full welds must be precise. Then all elements of the installation work and adaptation of steel construction such as the installation of all steel frame elements & painting must be prepared properly. And lastly, in all the work of implementing and adapting grouting and preparing shop drawings as a work pattern, it is ready from the start.

Steel Structure

In the process, a high degree of precision is required in order to obtain a strong and stable building. It can be said that a fault or damage to just one bolt can potentially cause structural failure. There are at least three important stages that must be passed properly in steel structure work.

Erection is?

Erection in steel structure work refers to the process of assembling or assembling structural elements that have been done in the factory/workshop into a complete structure in the field. At this stage many things must be planned properly and calculated appropriately. For example, the feasibility and capacity of the lifting crane; field conditions, including the bearing capacity of the heavy equipment pedestal; skills of machine operators and also craftsmen who do finishing work.

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Errors in planning and calculations will have a negative impact, such as the occurrence of accidents that threaten the safety of workers or failure of structures during work or in the future. Therefore, a proper analysis is made to take all of this into account.

You can arrange a job safety analysis of steel structure erection with great care and detail. And the following is a job safety analysis on steel structure erection that you can use as a basic guide in preparing a job safety analysis related to steel structure work.

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