Job Safety Analysis Rebar Work Check Point

Reinforced Bar

Reinforced Bar is a steel that has a long shape with a circular cross section which is commonly used for concrete reinforcement. This steel is produced from the use of billet raw materials by using hot rolling.

This reinforcing steel has a distinctive and special shape by having a surface that has transverse fins and longitudinal ribs. This section is intended to help increase the relative stickiness and resistance of the longitudinal movement of the rod.

Rebar work

Of all the work activities of the Reinforced Bar, there are very many and there is a great possibility of an unwanted work accident. Therefore, a planning or analysis is needed.

Job safety analysis rebar has many benefits if it is properly made and executed. Maintaining and minimizing risk is one of them with this job safety analysis. And the following is a Reinforced Bar job safety analysis that can be your reference in the creation and realization of Reinforced Bar work in the field.

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