Lifting activities or work can be carried out by utilizing cranes, forklifts, and another of many kind of cranes. In this work, there are many risks that occur from falling items to lifting equipment that are problematic.

Lifting activities that mostly use heavy equipment have a lot of risks, therefore it is necessary to have very precise and accurate planning and calculations to minimize unwanted things such as work accidents.

From all the conditions of the workers and also the inspection of heavy equipment is carried out carefully and correctly. Is the tool working properly or not? Still worth to use or not? All of them require very precise inspection. As for checking the workers, it is up to you as a supervisor to condition the workers.

And this is where an analysis comes in handy in a job. Job safety analysis can make work more planned and precise. And by making a job safety analysis will minimize the risks arising from the work. The following is a job safety analysis of lifting with heavy equipment in general terms of the job. If it’s for a more specific job, it’s your job to complete it.

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