Pile foundations are part of a construction made of wood, concrete, and steel used to transmit surface loads to lower surface levels in the soil mass. Where the piling work is used to support the building when the strong soil layer is very deep. This is either the vertical distribution of the load along the pile axis or the direct application of the load to the lower layers through the pile ends.

These piles are purely for convenience because all piles function as a combination of side resistance and end support unless the pile penetrates very soft soil to a solid bottom.

Some of the main objectives of the erection work are:

Piling Machine Crawler

  • Conveying the load of the building which is located on water or soft soil to a strong supporting soil.
  • Continuing the load to the soil which is relatively strong to a certain depth so that the building foundation is able to provide sufficient support to support the load by friction of the side of the pile with the surrounding soil.
  • Anchor buildings affected by uplifting forces due to hydro static pressure or overturning moments.
  • Resist horizontal forces and oblique forces
  • Compacting the sandy soil, so that the bearing capacity of the soil increases
  • Support building foundations whose soil surface is easily eroded by water

The following is an example of a job safety analysis of piling work that has the aim of minimizing the risk of work accidents. The general description for the job analysis of the job is like the example below:

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