Job Safety Analysis for Drilling Work

In drilling work requires adequate tools and human resources. Because drilling work is a special type of work done by experts. And it seems that drilling on a small scale is a work that is often done to dismantle houses, floors, install signs or various objects related to walls and floors. This work is still in the category of a small drilling work.

Worker Drill

Then what about drilling work on a large scale? Such as pipe drilling, oil drilling or drilling holes in the ground that require large tools. All major drilling works are very risky or prone to accidents that will occur.

Therefore, this drilling activity has the potential to cause dust to get into the eyes or hands being hit by the drill tool when the drilling is taking place. Or the occurrence of a serious work accident, then this is where the Job Safety Analysis is very important to minimize the potential for accidents in these activities.

And below is an example of a complete JSA drilling work that you might apply for your type of drilling work.

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