Job Safety Analysis Electrical Work Check Point

Electrical work is in dire need of precision and a high level of security. There is indeed a lot of work to be done, although it is a small job but it is very vital.

Electrical intervention is a job that is needed when making new sockets, installing electrical installations, installing new tools, or repairing damaged lines. When an electrical intervention occurs, the risk of electric shock arises. Therefore it is important to minimize the risk of electric shock for the people involved in the work.

cable pulling work

Then there is also work related to electricity, namely cable pulling work. A job that requires a very high level of skill and care. After that, use personal protective equipment that is completely safe. Cables are also a lot of cables and types. And all of that must be installed properly and correctly.

Next up is Equipment Calibrator electrical work. In this work, proper and accurate checklist inspections should be carried out. So that unwanted accidents do not occur.

The following is a job safety analysis of electrical work. Of the three types of electrical work that you must understand before doing the work. So that the work can actually be carried out without any serious accidents that not everyone wants.

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