The definition of backfill is soil or rock used to reduce or fill former coal mines or other civil excavations. This word is also used as a verb, which means the work of filling excavations. In coal mining, backfill is more often defined as the work of filling the excavated coal deposits along with the overburden with stripped soil.

This method is highly recommended from a technical and economical point of view of mining techniques as well as from an environmental impact perspective, because the transport distance is small and the waste land does not require additional land around it. Backfill can also come from deep mines that are transported out of the tunnel excavation, the way to a new work surface.


So, backfill work is filling or reducing excavation work. In filling an excavation with stone or coal, it is usually assisted with a dump truck. The risk of backfill work is still large, so it will really need a job safety analysis.

Job safety analysis, backfill work is indeed much less than other types of work using heavy equipment. And here is an example of a job safety analysis backfill that you should use properly and correctly.

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