Inspection Checklist for Beam Clamp Free Template

Beam clamp is a tool that is widely used in various industries, factories and workshops. The beam clamp itself is a tool that functions to lock the iron so that the clamp is locked and the iron can be used as needed. The beam clamp has almost the same function as the h-beam lifting clamp, but the difference is that the special h-beam lifting clamp is used to lock the h-beam profile iron. The H-Beam can be used both as a beam and as a column.

This tool has a handle that can be turned so that the iron will lock securely. This tool is designed so that its use can be combined with other tools. Thus the beam clamp serves as a tool for lifting objects with the help of the h beam. The beam clamp that we sell can be used for various standard h beam sizes. So this tool, either beam clamp or h-beam lifting clamp, is very economical and efficient to help make your work in the field easier.

Below is a checklist inspection for beam clamps that you should have as a proper safety first step.

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