How to Using Vibratory Roller Machine?

The construction field is a job that will almost always be faced with heavy equipment. Various kinds of heavy equipment in the field of construction itself are needed to make work easier and faster. It is not surprising that currently there are so many types and models of heavy equipment with various functions and uses. Which is one of the many types of heavy equipment is a vibro roller or also often called a vibratory roller.

Before we know how to use the Vibratory Roller, it’s good for us to know the function of the machine. Vibratory roller is a soil compactor equipped with vibration. The vibrations are generated by a machine that produces a vertical pressure force on the soil it is traversing, causing the soil or gravel to become solid. There are two types of roller vibrators, namely single drum vibrator rollers and double drum vibrator rollers. The difference is that the single drum vibrator roller has one drum cylinder, while the double drum vibrator roller has two grinding drum cylinders and has a heavier capacity and pressure than a single drum.

What are Vibratory Rollers?

Vibratory Roller is a machine equipped with vibration. Its function is to compact the soil until it reaches the desired density level. This tool is very commonly used in construction projects related to soil structures.

Vibratory roller or also known as vibratory roller is heavy equipment used for work related to soil compaction. This heavy equipment is widely used to crush and also compact the results of heaps. As the name implies, this tool is equipped with a vibrator to carry out its duties. When using a vibratory roller, the compacted soil becomes more perfect and the soil surface becomes more dynamic.

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This tool is useful for making the soil surface more dense and optimal where the soil grains will fill each other’s empty parts. Various types of work that require compaction will usually use vibratory rollers. Therefore, this heavy equipment is usually used for large or small scale construction.

Types of Vibratory Rollers

When you already know what a vibratory roller is like we explained above. The next important thing that you might need to understand about vibratory rollers is related to the types. Which in general vibratory rollers are divided into two types, namely:

Single drum vibratory rollers

Single Drum Rollers are tools that are widely used for construction work such as soil compaction in the construction of roads, parking lots, buildings, airports and dams.

Double drum vibratory rollers

Double drum rollers have vibrations with a higher frequency and smaller amplitude, making them suitable for compacting asphalt materials.

From the type alone, we can know that the two have fundamental differences in terms of the number of cylinders (wheels) that will immediately grind the ground. However, from a functional point of view, both are the same.
However, with the double drum, the final result will be much more perfect. Given the compressive power of the front & rear drums, it will further compress the heap surface.

What is so striking about the difference between the two types of vibratory rollers is that the single drum rollers have a heavier weight with strong vibrations, making them suitable for compacting soil. On the other hand, vibratory rollers with double drum rollers have vibrations with a higher frequency and lower amplitude, making them suitable for compaction of asphalt materials.

What are the Functions of the Vibratory Roller?

You need to know that vibratory rollers are classified as tandem rollers. That is, this tool is able to grind down to compact all the results of the heap. The process of compaction of the soil is carried out by various compression methods using the vibration method so that it is very suitable for use on sandy soil types and sand gravel soils. Through the use of this vibratory roller we can find out what the results of the compression are like so that it is very suitable for road construction.

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In addition, in general vibratory rollers are divided into two, namely single drum and double drum. Both have differences, namely the single drum has one cylinder and the double drum has two cylinders. For the pressure, the double drum has greater pressure when compared to the single drum.
Below are some of the functions of the vibratory roller:

  • Can compact and flatten the structure of the soil surface to make it stronger to withstand the load on it.
  • Usually used as a deterrent against various piles of dirt originating from gravel or dust on the surface of the ground.
  • This tool is also used as a wetting agent for the field so that dust does not fly. This tool has a water tank with a capacity of up to 25 liters.
  • Vibratory roller is also useful as an asphalt concrete roller for highway construction.

Check before Operating the Tool

This tool is widely used by contractor companies and building services. Using it properly and correctly will make the machine more durable and long lasting and make maintenance costs cheaper.

Before we operate the machine, there are a number of things we must do, namely check the machine. Here are the things to check:

  • Check whether the fuel is fully charged
  • Check the fuel tank whether there is a leak
  • Check whether the engine condition is good
  • Check all cable connections are in the correct position and tight
  • Make sure the condition of the handlebar or gas lever is in neutral
  • Check whether the water tank is full
  • Check whether the engine oil is filled
  • Adjust the steering rod by tightening the bolt on the Mast rod
  • Make sure the machine is on level ground when performing the above checks

If the steps above have been carried out, the next step is then we can operate the machine. Here are the steps in operation:

  • Set the gas lever to the minimum position. This is done so that the gas pull is not too tight when running the engine
  • Open the fuel valve by turning it in the direction of the arrow all the way to the end. This is done so that the fuel in the tank goes down to the engine
  • Turn the ignition key on the engine to the on position
  • After that, pull the gas lever on the engine to start the engine. After the engine starts, warm up the engine for 5-10 minutes. This is done so that the newly filled oil works evenly on the engine
  • When the engine is ready we can adjust the gas lever to the medium position and then to the maximum position as needed. This is so that the speed of the machine rises stably
  • Point the machine forward or backward according to the area of land you want to compact. To steer the machine, the operator can use the steering rod so that the machine lane is directed
  • When use is complete, move the gas lever to its normal position. Move the engine ignition position to the off position, then the engine will immediately stop. After that, close the fuel valve to the opposite position
  • After that we can check the fuel tank, oil and electrical indicators of the machine again

And the following is a daily inspection checklist for vibratory rollers that you should do before operating the heavy equipment.

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