How Heavy Equipment Works and Types in the Construction Field?

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Judging from the time of use, this type of heavy equipment must be tailored to the needs of the project or construction site. If the use of heavy equipment is not appropriate, it will result in a low production even until a development target is not achieved. Or it can cause an unexpected loss if it does not adjust to the type of heavy equipment.

Therefore, before determining the use of heavy equipment, it would be nice to know in advance the type of heavy equipment and the name of the heavy equipment. Let’s look at the discussion further about heavy equipment.
As an opening, what is meant by heavy equipment?

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment in the construction sector is a tool that is used to assist and provide convenience in doing or doing something. The work that will be greatly helped by this tool is a construction or construction project. It is not surprising that in the project work field, various types of heavy equipment will be encountered.

In general, the name of a heavy equipment is a machine that has a very large size with a special design to perform a function or construction work. For example, earth working and moving large and heavy materials such as the use of a crane hoist.

It is more precise in the use of this heavy equipment that it is not only used in construction work. But in the fields of agriculture, mining, port services and even large-scale activities really need this tool. That way, it’s no wonder that the name of this heavy equipment is familiar to a job project.

Heavy Equipment Operations

Actually, in every name of machine, it has been composed by several components. Starting from the implementation, structure, power source, traction tool and control system and transmission. With existing components, of course, it can support the performance and performance of the heavy equipment itself.

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For the classification of heavy equipment operations, it is divided into two tools, namely:

Static Tools

This type of heavy equipment with a static operational system is usually used in several tools. Starting from the crusher plant, batching plant to tower crane. Many tower cranes use this kind of operational model.

Ranging from rotary cranes, boom cranes, cable cranes, portal cranes, rotary cranes, car cranes and tower cranes. Which is useful for moving a lot of soil or other materials in large and heavy quantities. Often used in civil development projects.

Drive Tool

As for heavy equipment that uses a drive, it is part of a machine that is useful for continuing the power output of the machine so that the tool can be worked on.

Usually, heavy equipment with this drive is in the form of a centipede or crawler wheel. Usually a tool that is included in this category or characteristic is a crawler crane.

Classification of Heavy Equipment Functions

What you need to know is that each machine has its own function and use. Which must be adapted to conditions in the field and adapted to the needs of the construction project. The following is an explanation of the types of heavy equipment based on their functions and uses.

Work starts from soil tillage, excavator, material carrier, compaction, material transfer, processing and even the final placement of the material. For soil processing equipment, usually use a dozzer or motor grader for land clearing and when removing the soil layer using a scraper.

Then, a digger or what is commonly known as an excavator. Functioned to dig soil and rocks. Not only that, the front shovel, dragline, clamshell and backhoe are also included in this category.

Heavy equipment that transports material, of course, is used to transport loose material. Usually in the time period and the distance is quite long and far. To load the material into usually requires the help of a dozzer or loader. It is different if it is used to move goods, it needs help from a crane.

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As for the material moving tool, of course, it is used to move a material to another place. Usually using dozzers and loaders. In contrast to the compactor, which is used for road construction. Tools belonging to this type are tamping rollers, compactors and pneumatic tired rollers.

Furthermore, there is a material processing tool which is usually used to change a material into the desired shape for the operation of a project.

Included in this category are crushers and concrete mixer trucks. The last one is the final material placement tool. Useful for placing material to a predetermined place. Tools included in this type are motor graders, asphalt pavers, concrete spreaders and other compacting tools.

Types of Heavy Equipment and their uses


This type of heavy equipment is useful for digging soil and can be used as a moving tool. In addition, this one machine can also be used to transport materials in the project. Unfortunately, it can’t be used for long distances.


bulldozer excavator loader construction equipment

This one machine is commonly used as a tool for pushing the excavated soil and can be used to make a pile of material. There are 2 types of this tool, namely a bulldozer that uses a rubber wheel and a bulldozer that uses a centipede wheel. Can be used to withstand very heavy loads, although it cannot be used for long distances.

Truck Loader

Has almost the same function as a dozzer. Which serves to move the material from one tool to another. This machine can only be used over a very short distance.

Hoist Crane

Furthermore, this heavy equipment is often used and utilized in a construction or construction project. Useful for moving a material in large quantities and weight. Can reach various places of construction projects.

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Serves to level a land and can also be used for land clearing. This type of heavy equipment can certainly function to mix the soil.

Concrete Batching Plant

Generally, this tool is used to mix various materials and produce a material, namely concrete in large quantities. This machine is often used because it can produce concrete with good quality, stable and according to standards.

Pneumatic Tire Roller

This type of heavy equipment is usually used when carrying out a mill and can also produce a hot mix layer. This machine is generally widely used because it is easy to move around.

Asphalt Finisher

Asphalt Finisher is useful for mixing the asphalt mixture that has been produced by the asphalt production equipment. Unfortunately, this heavy equipment has a disadvantage, namely the slow rotation of the wheels.

That is further discussion about heavy equipment, from its definition to the types according to the needs in the field in all fields that you might need at this time. The type of heavy equipment which of course can help facilitate and lighten human work.

In use, this tool must be used in accordance with the needs and conditions in the project field. If used not in accordance with the rules, of course, it will have fatal consequences and can cause unexpected losses.

To make the machine more feasible in its use, you should carry out a proper checklist inspection before using the heavy equipment. Visit to get free templates and inspection premiums for the heavy equipment you are using. Keep up the procedures properly, rather create occupational health and safety accordingly.

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