Tools Equipment Accident


Occupational accidents can be regarded as a benchmark in assessing the level of work safety performance in general. All incidents related to these two matters need to be recorded and…

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5 Practical Steps for Crimping Hose, How About the Inspection Checklist?

Actually, there are many steps and many ways to crimp hose, but to make it easier for you to use it, we describe it with 5 good steps in crimping…

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The checklist form for the threading machine is a very important initial safety thing to achieve the goal perfectly. As for finding out the checklist inspection form for the threading…

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Inspection Checklist for Beam Clamp Free Template

Beam clamp is a tool that is widely used in various industries, factories and workshops. The beam clamp itself is a tool that functions to lock the iron so that…

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Safety for Overhead Crane Operation and Work Permit Issued

The mandatory requirement as a crane lift operator is to hold a special work permit. Apply for a “lifting safety certificate” for lifting objects that weigh more than 10 tons….

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Tower Crane Operation Permit

Form Tower Crane Operation Permit Free Template

The use of tower cranes in high rise building construction work is very high even cannot be abandoned. However, the use of long-term tower crane is not balanced with the…

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Night Time Work Permit Form Checklist Free Template

Actually, work at night or overtime is not included in normal working hours, but many companies make non-pushy announcements for employees who want to work at night. As a wage,…

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Scaffolding Inspection Checklist Free Template

A scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support people and materials in the construction or repair of buildings and other large structures. Usually scaffolding is in the form of…

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road barrier

Barricade Procedure Checklist Inspection Free Template

A barricade is a traffic tool that we usually encounter on two-way roads, one of its functions is to separate roads so that accidents do not occur. Barricade has several…

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Fire Prevention Checklist Inspection Free Template

Fires can happen anywhere and anytime. However, most fires occurred in residential areas, let alone densely populated housing. So that the losses caused by these fires are not large and…

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