Shackle is a tool used to connect the sling to a lift or pull object, so that the object can be moved with a sling. And another function is as a means of connecting the slings with other types of rigging tools.

There are also several types of slings here, so this shackle is not only used for one type of sling but for several types of slings. Now this is where the different types of shackle are used, each type of shackle has a function for each of the existing types of slings.

Before we explain about the types of shackles that exist, we will first explain the types of slings that exist, so that later you will find it easier to understand the function of each type of shackle.

While the types of shackles that connect the slings above include:

Shackle Omega

The Omega Shackle is a shackle that is shaped like a horseshoe or the symbol for omega. This type of shackle is a shackle that is very suitable for use with wire rope slings and rope slings. Because the diameter of the rope and wire rope is wide, it allows it to enter into a wide body omega shackle.


Shackle Omega

Shackle Dee which is shaped like the letter “D“. This type of shackle is a shackle that is very suitable for use on a chain or chain sling. Due to the flat shape of the chain, this shackle dee is very suitable to be coupled with a chain.

And below is a checklist form for shackles that you should know.

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