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Pneumatic Tired Roller

Pneumatic Tired Roller is a tool that has grinding wheels consisting of rubber tires that are pumped (pneumatic). The arrangement of the front wheels and the rear wheels are alternating so that the parts that are not crushed by the front wheels will be crushed by the rear wheels. These wheels provide a “kneading action” (pressure) against the ground which helps consolidate the soil.

The pressure exerted by the wheels on the ground can be adjusted by changing the tire pressure. The greater the tire pressure, the greater the pressure on the ground. The axles of the wheels can “sway” according to changes in ground level.

Pneumatic tired roller is very suitable for grinding granular material work, also good for grinding hot mix layers. Should not be used for grinding rocky, sharp layers as this will accelerate the damage to the wheels. Its weight can be increased by filling liquid or sand on the walls of the machine.

The number of wheels is usually 9 to 19 pieces, with a configuration of 9 pieces (4 front wheels and 5 rear wheels), 11 pieces (5 front wheels and 6 rear wheels), 13 pieces (6 front wheels and 7 rear wheels), 15 pieces (7 front wheels and 8 rear wheels).

And here is the checklist inspection form for the Pneumatic Tired Roller.

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