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Double Drum Rollers are perhaps the most common heavy equipment we see operating in various infrastructure projects. This vehicle has a 2 or two axle or a 3 axle or Three Axle Tandem Roller. Its own function as a medium for grinding in order to get a smoother surface of the object. One example is to grind asphalt concrete for road construction.

When viewed from the working method, the tandem rollers provide exactly the same trajectory for each wheel. Drum Rollers weigh about 8-14 tons. The increase in unit weight is due to liquid filling (called ballasting). The additional weight is about 25% -60% of the weight of the mill itself.

Project workers usually use the Three Axle Tandem Roller to get a denser grinding result. You need to know, the tandem roller should not be used to grind sharp materials or hard rocks because it can accelerate the damage to the roller wheel.

Drum roller types and functions

Double Drum Rollers

Apart from the Double Drum Roller, there are several other heavy equipment vehicles that have almost the same function, namely the Tridum Roller, the Sheep Foot Roller and the Vibro Roller. Here are the functions one by one.

Tridum Roller

This is a heavy equipment vehicle which has 3 roller wheels. The biggest wheels are at the front while the other two are lined up behind. Because it has 3 wheels, it is also called the Three Wheel Roller or the Macadam Roller. In contrast to Double Drum Rollers, Tridum Rollers are generally used to compact coarse materials.

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To get additional weight, then part 3 of the empty cylinder wheel is added a liquid in the form of oil or water or even sand. The Tridum Roller itself weighs around 6-12 tons. Due to the injection of liquid at the cylinder wheel, its weight can increase by about 15% -35% of the unit weight.

Sheep Foot Roller

This heavy equipment is also called a goat leg grinder. The shape is almost the same as the previous rollers, but the outer cylinder is equipped with legs. There is a kind of high enough pressure on these feet that they enter the ground and then there is a compaction effect from below.

When viewed from its function, the Sheep Foot Roller is more suitable for sandy, plastic and cohesive soil contours. This machine is effective enough to compact loose material with a layer thickness of 15-25 cm.

Not only the Sheep Foot Roller that uses a towed (pull), but currently there are also those who use machines and are able to carry out their own movements. This engine Sheep Foot Roller has a speed of up to 32 km / h.

Vibro Roller

Physically and the function of the Vibro Roller is almost the same as the Sheep Foot Roller. The difference between the two is only in the shoe section.

And here is a drum roller checklist for all types that you can use in your daily life.

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