heavy equipment

How Does Heavy Equipment Work, in Terms of Its Type and Function

Judging from the time of use, this type of heavy equipment must be tailored to the needs of the project or construction site. If the use of heavy equipment is…

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concrete coating process

4 Important Stages in the Proper Coating Process

Coating is an essential process in the manufacture of any technological device. From simple ovens to the most sophisticated computers, most electronic devices in use have small parts that are…

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Welding Machine

Important Role of Welding Process in Industrial and Construction Technology

Materials in the construction or infrastructure development sector require technology that is very helpful for connecting with other materials. And it seems that this has become a very vital necessity…

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Mobile Crane

How Does a Mobile Crane Work?

A very familiar activity in the construction field, of course this tool will not be a stranger to you. Yes, of course. The mobile crane is one of the heavy…

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6 Types of Cranes Complete with Understanding and Functions for Construction

The first thing you need to know is that a crane is one of the heavy equipment that is usually used to help lift something heavy. Now, for more details,…

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Safety for Overhead Crane Operation and Work Permit Issued

The mandatory requirement as a crane lift operator is to hold a special work permit. Apply for a “lifting safety certificate” for lifting objects that weigh more than 10 tons….

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Job Safety Analysis

How Big is the Important Role of Job Safety Analysis in a Job?

Some workers may still think of Job Safety Analysis or JSA as just a plain sheet of paper containing a list of jobs, hazards, and ways of controlling them. Whereas…

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confined space

9 Guidelines for Working in Confined Spaces to Always Be Safe

What is confined space? It is an area that has limited entry and exit routes, is not designed for shelter and also contains one or more hazards. Limited space means…

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Work Permit

What is a Work Permit and Why is it Required?

Work permit is a document or written permit that is used to control certain types of work that could potentially endanger workers. A work permit is required to identify the…

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Cold Work

17 Types of Cold Work and The Pros and Cons of This Job

Cold working is a deformation process carried out at temperatures below the recrystallization temperature. At this temperature, deformation will cause the workpiece to experience stretch hardening and changes in grain…

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