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In the industrial world, gantry cranes are heavy equipment specifically made for loading or unloading large loads. Its great lifting power and high flexibility make this tool suitable for heavy industry, especially to help unload cargo in outdoor areas. Coupled with the relatively minimal components of the gantry crane compared to the bridge crane, this tool is often relied on by heavy industry players.

One industry that often utilizes the gantry crane function is the ship assembling or shipbuilding industry. The ship assembly industry itself is known to be familiar with massive-sized objects. In this industry, gantry cranes are used to lift very large objects such as ship engines.

Another industry that also functions as a gantry crane is the car engine assembly industry. It’s just that, the gantry cranes used in this industry generally have a smaller size. In the auto assembly industry, gantry cranes are key in lifting car engines.

The gantry crane is a fairly versatile lifting device. Apart from the assembly industry, this tool is also widely used in the container loading and unloading industry. The port is one of the locations that often serves gantry cranes. Besides being found in assembly workshops, gantry cranes can also be found here.

Gantry cranes themselves come in a variety of sizes. This not only affects the size of the gantry crane components that make up it but also the utilization of gantry cranes in industry. Due to their various sizes, the function of gantry cranes can be adopted in many industries that are familiar with massive loading and unloading in outdoor environments.

What are Gantry Cranes?

Basically, a gantry crane is a lifting machine specially designed to lift objects with extraordinarily heavy weights. This tool has a shape similar to an overhead crane with a single or double horizontal bridge mounted on two legs to form a door frame.

In heavy industry, gantry crane is a very important tool. But unlike the overhead crane, this lifting equipment is used specifically for outdoor needs. The function of the gantry crane as a complement to other lifting equipment also makes this tool usually installed under an existing overhead bridge crane.

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Unlike a bridge crane, a gantry crane does not have to be attached to a building structure. Gantry crane components can be built on non-permanent structures. This is what makes this tool so flexible and easy to move. Given the similar component structure of the gantry crane, the material costs are also relatively lower when compared to bridge cranes.

Gantry cranes are lifting equipment that are less tied to location. This tool is able to move more freely thanks to the wheels on its legs. However, a large enough clearance area is required to operate this tool. For that reason, the function of the gantry crane will be more pronounced when used outdoors.

Gantry Crane Components

There are several types of gantry cranes based on the role and function of the gantry crane itself. For example, such as gantry cranes for general purposes, ship building to container gantry cranes. However, the gantry crane components are basically quite identical to one another.

In general, gantry crane components consist of 3 main structures. The three structures include trolley, running bridge and electrical structure. When referring to the function of the gantry crane and the structure, the hoist or hoist is usually an integral part of the trolley.


Geared Trolley is a gantry crane component that is directly connected to a hoist or hoist. This tool is equipped with wheels made of metal and mounted on rails. When the operator shifts the load horizontally, this trolley plays an important role in the transfer process.

As previously mentioned, the gantry crane is a fairly flexible lifting device. Therefore, the trolley used is usually an integral part of the electric hoist. However, the hoist that is a component of the gantry crane is not an ordinary electric hoist. Considering that the hook used needs to be mounted on the lateral beam, special adjustments are needed on the trolley used.

Running Bridge

This gantry crane component is classified as a very vital component. When the trolley moves to move the load, this structure acts as the trajectory. As one of the pillars of the load, the strength of the gantry crane is also greatly influenced by the strength of the running bridge itself.

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The mechanism of the running bridge is basically the same as the bridge crane. It’s just that there are differences in the mechanism at the bottom. Considering that the gantry crane is an outdoor lifting equipment, the bottom of the supporting leg is equipped with rail gauges or rail clamps. This gantry crane component is what keeps accidents from happening when there are strong winds.

Electrical Structure

The gantry crane component basically consists of 3 sub-components which include the motor, cabin and finally the lighting and signal. Electrical structure is an important component in executing the gantry crane function. The operation of the machine is basically possible thanks to the structure of this one component.

What is a portable Gantry crane?

Portable gantry cranes are an economical and flexible way to lift and move heavy loads within your facility. These are commonly found in garages, shops, and workplaces for light use. This type of gantry crane features low cost, high mobility, simple structure and little maintenance. With caster wheels, the crane can be positioned wherever you want.

Portable gantry crane, also known as light gantry crane, small gantry crane, hand pushing gantry crane, economical gantry crane. It is a very simple and portable gantry crane structure. Wherever overhead cranes and underhung cranes are not possible and not economical, portable gantry cranes can be used with great convenience. The portable gantry crane can be easily and simply disassembled into parts for easy transportation, and it is also easy to install on site.

The portable gantry crane is a kind of gantry that doesn’t need runway rails on the ground, it is a small and light lifting equipment. Equipped with electric chain hoist or wire rope hoist or chain hoist to lift and handle goods. Compared to other types of gantry cranes, hand-operated portable gantry cranes have the unique feature of being able to move on the concrete floor in any direction because they are equipped with universal wheels.

Portable gantry cranes are widely used for small equipment installation, loading and unloading of goods and workpieces in factories, workshops, warehouses, ports and low headroom buildings which are not suitable for installing overhead cranes as well as other places where lifting equipment for heavy goods is required. . Portable gantry cranes can also be used to load and unload goods at different locations. It provides facilities for all goods lifting and material handling, greatly increasing efficiency.

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Portable Gantry Crane Features

  • Attached with caster wheels, the crane can be operated flexibly at work stations.
  • The crane beam is I-beam, which can be equipped with manual hoist, chain hoist, electric hoist, Etc.
  • Standard spare parts excluding trolleys and hoists.
  • Portable cranes are delivered unassembled.
  • Specifications of portable gantry cranes can be customized according to your job requirements.

Advantages of Using a Portable Gantry Crane Design


Portable gantry cranes are designed to work more flexibly because they can be moved anywhere and anytime. Plus, because the portable crane can be disassembled and packaged, it can be stored compactly when not in use, saving your shop space.


Compared with standard gantry cranes, small mobile overhead gantry cranes are light in weight. Under the conditions of lifting capacity, the portable gantry crane model can meet most shop lifting requirements, with a load capacity of up to 10 tons.

Quick Assembly

The portable crane is very easy to assemble and disassemble. This equipment has advantages in transportation and can be easily moved to remote areas.

Low cost

Portable gantry cranes are much cheaper than standard gantry cranes. In addition, it can save a lot of money for your business by reducing transportation costs and construction costs.


The crane is height adjustable and used for a variety of tasks. When you can adjust the height and other functions, the crane can easily adapt to the job.

This is a complete description of the benefits that you get from using a portable gantry crane that you should try from now on. And to start all of that, it’s a good idea to do a crane inspection checklist with an example of the inspection form below.

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